How Bitcoin Mining Costs Impact Bitcoin Price

How mining energy costs affect Bitcoin price The amount of energy a miner uses in the Bitcoin network hinges on the availability of cheap and bountiful supply of energy, availability of energy efficient hardware and the complexity of solving problems by the Bitcoin machines to earn Bitcoins. For instance, if a problem is difficult, it [...]

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How to Find the Best Bitcoin Trading Broker and Start Trading

Finding the right Bitcoin trading broker in Canada is a real challenge! Read this article and discover how to find the best broker that suits your needs!  Let’s face it - Bitcoin brokers are becoming more and more popular among the traders. Why is that? Well, they present alternatives and solutions to traders when buying [...]

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Coinbase Decided to Expand Their Professional Services to Canada

Finally, you can buy and sell Bitcoins by using the professional services of Coinbase. Yes, they have decided to expand their services to Canada. Read more! Coinbase is a very popular Bitcoin services company, which has successfully raised more than $106.7m in 4 public venture rounds. This company is available in 27 countries in Europe [...]

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